Our education consultants provide guidance and advice in all stages of designing and developing certification and professional programs.


Certification Standards

There are three steps to setting certification standards:
  1. Articulate exactly what knowledge and skills are needed and at what level of cognitive difficulty. Setting the standards begins with a long list of what the certificate holder 'must know and be able to do'.
  2. Identify the level of cognitive difficulty for each concept
  3. Develop detailed learning objectives based on the knowledge and skills required at the appropriate level of cognitive difficulty

Only experts in the profession can decide the content of each step. However, many experts find this task challenging because they are so familar with the subject matter that they have difficulty breaking down their knowledge. It has been estimated that experts aren't aware of 70% of what they know.

Brigus Learning has guided hundreds of experts through the process of uncovering what they know.













  • Determine the purpose, target market, stakeholders, budget and time constraints of a course or program
  • Organize the learning objectives into logical clusters that will be the foundation for modules, chapters and topics
  • Develop the contents into modules, chapters and topics
  • Guide and advise the client's Task Force team in the design and development of pedagogically sound content and evaluations using Brigus Learning's DEEERETM instructional design approach:
    • Definition of the concept or term
    • Explanation of how and why the concept is applied
    • Example of the application of the concept
    • Exercise with the opportunity to apply the concept
    • Review of the key content linked to the learning objectives
    • Evaluation that measures the competency achieved relative to the learning objectives



The purpose of an evaluation is to measure if the learning objectives have been achieved.

Each test question, be it in the form of multiple-choice, short-answer, essay, matching or oral interview, must have direct links from the Certification Standards through the Curriculum to the Evaluation. Brigus Learning consultants have decades of experience in helping experts to make those links.



Other Advisory Services

 Knowledge Management

  • Identify the resources that are needed, by whom, when and in what format
  • Design an interface to enable the user to access resources as quickly as possible. (One of our solutions reduced the time to access a resource from 30 minutes to 10 seconds)
  • Design an on-line tool to enable a non-technical staff member to update the resources database quickly

Guide Individuals and teams to create and produce eLearning

  • Identify what resources viewers of a website need and how much can be provided at no cost
  • Discuss what is achievable within your budget
  • Explain the skills needed to create and publish an on-line course
  • Discuss what can be done in-house and when to seek outside help
  • Describe the role and cost of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

 Program Evaluation

  • Assess course content against the learning objectives set by an accreditation organization
  • Evaluate the certification standards, curriculum and evaluation of an existing program